Your Questions Answered

Is it really just A$30 per month to get my new small business website from you?

It really is just $30 per month that you need to pay us.

This includes hosting your website on Australian servers, and all content updates.

What do I actually need to get a business website from Lighthouse Websites?

For a website from us, you need:

  • a domain name or website address
  • to order your site from us

    You can buy domain names from any domain name registrar's website, or during our ordering process using this page.

    That's all!

Is there really no lengthy contract I need to sign?

No, we don't believe that signing lengthy contracts is making anyone happy.

As soon as you want out, you can get out. Just let us know.

What if I want to cancel my subscription? Can I take my website with me?

That's fine, no problem. We realise that things change.

We don't have a notice period as such - when you cancel your subscription, we will stop taking payments from you immediately, and take your site offline within seven days.

For a one-off fee of A$1,500.00, you can even take your site with you to maintain it yourself and you will not have to pay us for it again.

What kind of website are you going to make for me for that price?

You can choose from our designs, and we will make your website using that design.

Pre-designed websites are much quicker to set up and maintain, which is why we can offer them to you at such a good price.

Of course we will use your own photos and text, or choose some nice ones for you if you haven't got any handy yet.

How many content updates are included in my A$30 monthly fee?

We will make all the content updates you want for you.

Just let us know what you want changed in terms of content and we'll get it done. Bigger changes will take longer, but we work quickly.

Why is it so cheap? Are you using plastic websites that fall apart after six months?

No, our websites are quality, and built on WordPress, which is a well-established website software platform.

Because we have streamlined our processes and are using the latest web technology, it is much easier these days to create professional, modern looking websites at affordable rates.

We believe small businesses should be found online and want to offer websites to small business owners at an affordable rate. Not everyone can spend A$1,000 or more on a website.

How does the payment side work?

All payments are by credit card.

When we take your order, we will bill your credit card for the first time with A$30.00. Thereafter, we will bill your card with A$30.00 every month around the same date.

Each payment covers your website for the period up to the next payment.

All payments are processed through SecurePay, which is a well-known, established and secure payment processing service owned by Australia Post.
SecurePay processes your payment directly with your bank.
We do not store your credit card details.

I have no idea about computers and no time to update my website. Can I still have a website?

Yes, you can.

We want to do the computer stuff for you, because we love doing it and this is what you pay us for.

Just give us your business details and we will do the rest.

You will not need to do anything on a computer or anything at all after that to get your website up and running - you can even phone us to place your order.

We will do it all for you for A$30.00 per month.

After ordering, what will I need to do?

To help get your website "live", you will need to:

  • give us your desired domain name or website address to host your website on
  • if you already have an idea, tell us about what you want your website to look like, for example using websites you like
  • if you have photos, images or text, pass them on to us

That's all, really!

What about images, photos or videos - I haven't got any!

That's not a problem.

Websites generally look better with photos, but if you haven't got any, we can use free stock images instead, i.e. images we have already purchased or that are available for free on the internet, so that your website will still look great.

Like these.

All the images and photos we use are of high quality and will be appropriate for your business. If you're not happy with an image, we will change it for you.

When your own photos are ready, we can change your website to use your own photos instead.

I've got no text whatsoever for my website. Could that be a problem?

That's not a problem.

If you haven't got any text at all ready now, we will put in some text for you so that your website will not be empty. Very often, less is more 🙂

We can always change your text content at a later time when you have created text exactly the way you want it.
But at least in the meantime, your business can be found online!

I already have a facebook or other social media site. Can you integrate that somehow?

Yes, we can.

We can integrate your existing social media sites with your Lighthouse website.
Depending on the website design you choose, there will be links to your social media sites in different places.

Can I have video and audio files on my Lighthouse website?

Yes you can, just like on any other website.

To have them play back well from your WordPress website, you should upload your audio and video files to a video platform like youtube or vimeo first, and we will then embed them in your Lighthouse website. This will look the same as if they were stored in your website.

WordPress wasn't really designed to store and play back larger media files, so it's much better to use a dedicated specialist media platform for that.

Do you set up any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for my Lighthouse Website?

Yes, we provide basic search engine optimisation for your website.

This will include entering your keywords (65 characters approximately) for your site or individual pages to make it easier for customers and clients to find your site on the web.
For small local businesses, this is generally sufficient.

On request, we can also send you some great resources for small business owners to carry out more in-depth search engine optimisation for your own business, which involves work outside your own website, as well.
You can also hire us to do some of that work for you.
Contact us for a chat.

Who are you and where are you located? How can I contact you?

Lighthouse Websites is a small business like so many in Australia and is located in Brunswick Heads, near Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.
We have extensive experience in running small businesses, websites, online publishing, writing, software and design.

We do most of the work ourselves, but we do hire staff on a contract basis, when required. This enables us to stay on top of the workload for our clients.

Contact us.

Which website platform are you using for your websites?

All websites built at Lighthouse Websites use WordPress.

I need a full shop / e-commerce section on my website. Is that included in the A$30 fee?

Currently, none of our designs include a shop or e-commerce section.

A website shop or e-commerce section can require a lot of maintenance and setup which could take up much of our time.

We're happy to talk about it, though. Contact us for a chat and we'll see what we can do for you in terms of a custom solution.

I am quite computer savvy. Can I update my own website, e.g. with content or images?

Contact us and we will provide you with access details for your website and you can make updates yourself.

However, this is only recommended if you have a very good understanding of what you are doing in your WordPress site. Mistakes could render your website inaccessible for clients and customers, or even break the website beyond repair.
To "play" or practice website building or test and try things out, we recommend you create a separate website using WordPress or another free platform. You can then use that website to test things without affecting your live business website.

Can I pay you to maintain my existing website for A$30 per month?

No, this is not possible.
Our offer of a business website for A$30 per month is only for new websites created with our designs and hosted by us.
We can offer our inexpensive service because we have streamlined the way we create and maintain the websites. As a result, we can carry out maintenance work very efficiently.

However, if you want to work with us to create a new website for you which incorporates some of your existing content, feel free to check out our designs.